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Zuhause > Brancheninformationen > Hong Kong opens its first paper-box recycling and recycling plant, which is expected to be put into operation in mid-2019

Hong Kong opens its first paper-box recycling and recycling plant, which is expected to be put into operation in mid-2019


According to Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" report, Hong Kong still has not implemented the responsibility system for producers of paper bags and beverages. Some recyclers have applied for recycling funds earlier, and have been approved for more than 3 million (HK$, the same below) and contributed 6 million to themselves. 7 million, rented a Hong Kong Science Park in a factory in Long Industrial Village for 3 years, invested in the opening of Hong Kong's first paper box recycling and re-manufacturing plant, is expected to be put into operation in 2019, can handle up to 10 tons of paper bags per day.

According to reports, the paper box will be broken into wet pulp for export to the Mainland, which will result in the supply of paper towels and paper towels to Hong Kong. The factory pointed out that the most challenge is to establish a recycling channel for paper bags in the community. It is expected that the garbage levy will be paid after two years, and the SAR government will implement the paper bag manufacturer responsibility system as soon as possible to increase the amount of paper bag recycling.

The Information Confidential Processing Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the waste dumps and the processing of confidential documents, has invested about 10 million yuan and established the first paper bag recycling processing plant in Hong Kong.

Executive Director Ye Wenqi said that he has rented an idle factory in the Industrial Park in Long Industrial Village, with a usable area of over 14,000 square feet. He is designing a production line. The machine will be purchased in early February 2019 and is expected to be put into operation from May to June 2019.

He said that the plant design capacity can handle 10 tons of paper-packed drinks boxes every 8 hours, but it is expected to only achieve 2 tons per 8 hours in the first two years and 5 tons in the third year.

Ye Wenqi pointed out that the main recycling paper bag is Tetra Pak “Lee Pack”, which is a paper box made of paper, aluminum and plastic; the other is a milk box with long paper fiber and high quality. The paper box will be broken and precipitated with a type mixer, and the pulp and aluminum plastic will be separated, which will cause the wet pulp to be exported to the interior, while the proportion of aluminum and plastic is small, and it will be exported to Taiwan and other places to make building materials. Another plan is to recycle paper cups and papers to the industry and commerce.

Lu Zhicong, another director, said that wet pulp is a semi-finished product that can be imported into the Mainland and then used as paper towels, napkins, etc., to supply the Hong Kong market. The company will establish recycling channels from schools, environmental groups, hotels, and “green in districts” projects, and further expand to the housing estates.

Ye Wenqi said that in the first two years, there is a subsidy for recycling funds. The cost is mainly from transportation, which is 600 to 700 per ton. Even if the export price of wet pulp is 2000 per ton, it is deducted from the monthly rent of six figures, and the expenses such as manpower are considered to be only A meager profit. They are studying the recycling of cartons together with the waste paper and plastic bottles that are now recycled to save costs.

He hopes that the implementation of the garbage levy by the end of 2020 will give the public more incentives to recycle the paper boxes and plan to collect the paper bags from the public.

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